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Our Story

Our Story

Turn Your WEAK Around


How do you pronounce "kaew?" We're not sure either. What we do

know is that "kaew" is "weak" spelled backwards, and that's our

goal... to turn your weak around. Since one of the founders of our

company lives with Muscular Dystrophy and the other is dyslexic, it seemed really appropriate to have a slogan that takes weakness and flips it around.


If you haven't heard about bracelets made from waxed cord and lava beads, you should know that when they're infused with essential oils they can be great stress reducers or even used for an energy boost. In short they're the perfect accessory for anyone on the day of that big test or presentation, when you really need a calming and relaxing influence. Or when you need an energy boost, extra focus and motivation ... or just about every day!


If you've seen other bracelets, you've probably figured out on your own that - well, there's no nice way to say it - they're pretty ugly. What good is a relaxing accessory if you wouldn't be caught dead in it? That's why we actually went to the trouble to create stylish, fun bracelets. 

We're Kaew & Tangerines. We already explained the "kaew" part, and the "tangerine" part? We find tangerine oil to be both calming and energizing all at the same time!


And one more thing: we're real people, and you're real people, so we offer shipping to all those residing in the USA.


So that's why we're here: to bring you attractive, fun, hand made (BY US) essential oil diffuser bracelets. To make a difference in your life. To give back to real people. To turn your weak around.

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Kingsville, Maryland



Mon - Fri: 7am - 10pm

​​Saturday: 8am - 10pm

​Sunday: Closed

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