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Our Essential Oil Journey

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Oils and diffuser bracelets are our passion. If you have any questions about oils and their general use please feel free to email us at A few things first, because of the FDA we are unable to use certain words like cured and healed. These statements in regards to essential oils haven’t

been significantly proven by science or the FDA YET and we respect them

(our lawyer told us to say so) So please understand we are only sharing OUR

experiences and what’s worked for US!   

When we were introduced to essential oils we were a bit skeptical!

Was it really going to promote sleep, ease a back ache, encourage our kids to

calm down or ward off a cold? Was this just another MLM company with empty

promises? Was this expensive snake oil?


We had been told by trusted friends that this was the real thing and even though they couldn’t promise any miracles or make concrete statements (remember the government) it indeed was working for THEM!

Our first essential oil purchase was a kit from Young Living that allowed us to become members and receive member pricing all while earning credit to use towards future free Young Living Oils and guess what? It was the best purchase we’ve ever made! The essential oils also helped US with sore throats, sleepless nights, clarity, mood and this just scratches the surfaces. We didn’t look back and we 100% love Young Living Essential Oils, the company, their sourcing practices and the customer service! They are top notch. 

Over time our children ranging in ages from 8 to 17 began to see the benefits of our essential oils and asked  “Can I take the bottle of peppermint to school I always get nervous before my test!”, “Can I take the bottle of Stress Free to school to wear during cheer practice?”, “Can I take the bottle of Citrus Fresh to school? It smells so good and it always puts me in a good mood!” and the answer was “HELL NO!! That stuff is expensive! I’ll just put some on your neck and wrists- thank you very much!"

We didn't know but placing oils directly on the skin for diffusing purposes unfortunately only diffuses an hour tops, so now what? Diffuser jewelry? Let’s look on Amazon! They have everything, right? They sure do! Only all of the “acceptable” diffuser jewelry options were really not geared towards us, our kids or a dude. It was very “interesting” looking jewelry something someone conjuring spells might don. Which is ok if that’s your thing and style- however that’s just not our thing or style. NEXT! -was well junk and still kind of “interesting” in style, was from out-sourced faraway places and we discovered extremely poorly made! The porous lava beads did diffuse throughout the day, but the bracelets never made it a second day because both of the bracelets were brought home broken and ended up in the trash!

Now what?... Well you know! The birth of Kaew & Tangerines of course! But that wasn’t the point of my story. A good one none the less but….. back to ESSENTIAL OILS! Over time our kids, their friends and straight up strangers wanted an essential oil bracelet tooooo!!!  But most- simply had no experience with essential oils. “What did we recommend?” they always asked. And unequivocally Young Living was always the answer. Why Young Living? Well, because of their Seed to Seal guarentee of course!  Young Living has been sourcing oils for over 25 years now and they are trusted by many in the field. 


Our bracelets do come with an essential oil but many ask how can we buy more? We want oils for different days and different needs to use on our bracelets? The answer is simple. Follow OUR link, and                           of Young Living yourself! You will have access to over 200 essential oils and oil infused products for your everyday life all while receiving a discounted 24% off the retail price.   When you do it this way you are helping support Kaew & Tangerines and our mission to spread the word to every home about ESSENTIAL OILS and their amazing powers!!! 

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