Pineapple Charm Bracelet

DID YOU KNOW PINEAPPLES ARE A SYMBOL OF FRIENDSHIP! The best part of a diffuser bracelet is, it goes with you everywhere!! No need to buy a large room diffuser, car diffuser, computer diffuser, travel diffuser, etc. you only need this bracelet! EACH BRACELET IS HANDMADE IN THE USA. This diffuser bracelet has two lava beads which are perfect for diffusing ANY essential oil. This bracelet COMES WITH Bergamot essential oil!!! Bergamot can be calming and mysteriously alluring, everyone will be following you & wondering why you’ve become so magnetic. There are so many essential oils to meet your emotional or physical needs! Check out our top 10 favorite essential oils on our essential oil page! The diffuser bracelet has our signature KAEW pewter bead. Simply place a few drops of essential oil directly on the lava beads and "diffuse your strength"! Your bracelet will soften with wear and can be worn while you're playing in the sun or playing in the snow. It goes where you go!-Hand Woven All Wax String -Signature Beads;-11mm Pewter Signature KAEW Bead -2 8mm Lava Beads Adjustable from 2.5 inches to 8.5 inches Fits Children to Adults -Center Silver Pineapple Link
100% Waterproof

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed in the first 90 days from date of purchase.